Thursday, March 11, 2010

... mmm???...!!!

I, like many others 20’something year old starts to wonder….Mmmm 30...Now what? Well, my friends many things change for man and women (especially for women.)What about my weight? What about wrinkles? (Admit it do it too), I am getting old? What about my career? Is it time to mature? Can I still wear this? Why am I getting this heart burn? Children? What children? Ooohhhh my children!...???... Should I have children?...and so on…

Most of us don’t start to think about it until we hit the big 3-0 and most ignore many of their questions because they see the bigger 4-OMG-0 even further….BUT the reality is that it takes the same time to turn 40 that it did to turn 30 from your 20’s…FAST…huh!!!!

Sooo, here I am…. I am going to make sure THESE 30 years of my life are going to be the best decade I have ever lived….And hopefully I can help you on my way :)I have a 17 month old little girl and she keeps surprising me every day. I was the first of most of my friends to get pregnant, which means that I had to find answers on my own. We tried for many months and thankfully she is here <3. But with her many questions and espresions were born...OMG! How the hell? Noooooo way! Ohhhh Sh!t! huh? is this normal? And what am I supposed to do with this? Well …. I know, I am not the only one…

I ask myself uncontrollably amount of questions and I always find the way to get some kind of answers. So follow me in the most nerve-wracking stage of my life and yours and if you have any questions just hit the old lady! :)


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