Monday, March 22, 2010

Have you notice how much harder it is to lose weight when you are on your late 20's?

I remember, when I was 18/22 years old I ate pretty much whatever I wanted; I used to hit the gym twice a week and TA-RAAAA…size 2/4! BUT… the older you get the slower your metabolism gets too!


Also, if you haven’t had children, I recommend you to start working out before you do, this will just make your labor easier and you won’t feel as miserable.

After having my little Emma, I thought to my self that it couldn’t be "that" hard to get back to my pre-baby 137 pounds. It was one of the most delusional thoughts I ever had. A female’s body changes drastically, not just to have a baby but to nurture it during and after pregnancy. (If you are a man reading this, be patient and supportive of your women. Think how you would be if this was you having a baby and trying to look sexy with a left over belly) I am fortunate to have all the support from Melvin and my friends. It was hard but I am almost there! :) (Where? …Where I want my body to be, healthier and better than before)

Don’t get me wrong, there is a whole lot more we still need to learn from this art of being fit but I figure, if I would have known some of these tips a few years back... life would have been a lot easier then and now regarding this subject.
Ok, here are the “Tips from me to you” to lose weight and try to be a little healthier. (Just a few little things I have learn and you can search for further information)


1. Self-control….on the food you eat, amounts and schedules….Personally, I find this the most difficult of all…Reason why I have to work harder on everything else under this point.


2. We all know Exercise is a most…BUT it is not that simple, here are a few steps everyone should know:


- CARDIO nothing will make you shed pound unless you do cardio, it doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you do every day, you will build muscle but the fat will stay there longer! Now, Cardio has its trick: the first 20 minutes it is what it is...cardio…BUT after those 20 minutes you start to burn fat. Try not to over due it by running 2 hours at one time because you will be burning muscle.

- Most women I see around the trait-mills and stair-masters don’t ever show their dust on the weigh area…. BAD… you need to build muscle. Muscle burns fat and unfortunately the older you get, the softer you get….sigh!! ;-/

- Don’t stretch a muscle before you warm up (my opinion), you can pull it and that would just set you back, plus it HURTS like a mother****er!

- Always, stretch. The more you learn how to stretch the better you will feel after a good run/workout.

- Watch your posture, in all exercises you do, watch the way you position your back and your knees. Once you hurt either one of these two everything becomes a lot more difficult …. I should know…. Sigh again…:-/

- Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to look inexperience… you are inexperience when you don’t do it right. Everything has its trick, you can go to the gym 7 days a week, 4 hours everyday…it won’t be worth much unless you do it correctly. I have learned that most trainers on a gym are more than happy to teach you.

- Pain is good; it means you are doing something good (Listen to your body when it comes to this, too much pain (sharp) in weird places like your back or knees are not a good sign…I should know…) However, the next day after a work out you will hurt a bit but you will feel it on the second day. Make sure you give time for your muscles to recover, don’t over due it (not more then two days!!!

* A couple steps to make your sore muscles feel better:

Drink a lot of water, take a hot shower and (ask your doc) take a couple ibuprofen. Also, if you work out hard…I mean seriously hard and you know for a fact that the next day your muscles are going to make you look like a duck in a rush to touch the pond then L-Glutamine could help you. Ask your doctor first but L-Glutamine it’s a supplement that helps your muscles to recover (among other benefits) and stretch after you get your muscles a little warm.

3. Let’s talk what we put in our mouth….haaaaa if you know me, you must know that I am not a picky eater, for the contrary I LOVE FOOD! But here are the few little steps; “tricks” and must do’s and don’ts


- H2O…Lots of it. Minimum 8 glasses of 8 ounces a day. Make sure you drink before, during and after a work out. Many benefits from water, so many that I will give its own post one day….now drink!!!

- YOU NEED CARBS… forget the “0 carb diet”, you will just get everything back once you start eating them again, not just that but your body needs them for energy, the trick its to eat the good carbs. Vegetables and fruits have carbs too. Try to switch from white to brown. However, that whole grain stuff it is not a big deal. Avoid, white potatoes (sweet potatoes are great and full with vitamins) white bread, white rice and process sugar…….sigh….personally, this is hard, very hard, extremely hard for me to do… for God sakes…. I’m Latin … give me my rice….:-/

- Talking about hard things for me to do: eat late…. This is a bad thing, bad, very bad…. I do it all the time. Unfortunately my schedule sometimes won’t let me have dinner at a decent time, my dinner’s window it’s from 8 pm to 10 pm…. But if you can help it, don’t eat this late…a least avoid carbs.

- NOW… Don’t talk to me about having busy schedules… My life it’s a run here, run there but you need to find the time to eat 5/6 times a day. In between breakfast, lunch and dinner (moderate portions) include a snack. You need your metabolism to stay “ON” at all times.

- DON’T skip a meal, just don’t…Specially breakfast…not too long ago I read (a guys newspaper article….while minding my own business on the train… ;-/) that you burn muscle when you skip breakfast. Anyways, I am sure you heard that this is the most important meal…well, it is. Also, you can eat your carbs in the morning…splurge! :) I do!

- Supplements, believe it or not, those little weird things are great for you. Granted, you want to get your nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food but not everybody eats the recommended amount of veggies and fruit. There are soooooo many things about supplements that I will also dedicate a blog on its own….sometime.

- Fiber…. People, find the way to add fiber into your diets. This is very important. Now, stop complaining about how much you hate broccoli and stop making excuses, 2010 markets has given us multiple choices on how to do this…easy!

- If you are wondering why you haven’t lost any pounds when you only have been eating salads for a month…. Think salad dressing… avoid fat/sweets dressing….

- Did I mention WATER? I did!!!…keep drinking!!!

- Keep this in mind: white meats are better than red meats! Simple!

- We all know how bad fry food is… but if you must…consider boiling before frying, would be faster and won’t absorb that much oil. Also I won’t go into a lot of detail but when you fry with olive oil, you are only killing all the goodness from it (after it hits a high temperature), fry with Canola oil. Keep olive oil for salads and already cooked foods to add on.

- Did you know that after you work out you have 30/35 minutes for you to have a meal and still be burning calories a little faster than regular? Yes, its true…just don’t over do it!

- Also, did you know that your body will absorb protein faster within the first 30 minutes after you work out?! Yes, have some kind of protein after a workout!

- One tips about water, at first you may think how awful it is (I don’t know why but I hear it all the time) but at the end of the first week your body will ask for it and will taste delicious!

- Alcohol… sighhhhhh…. Bad, bad … even just one…try to avoid it….I try… sometimes!

- Last but not least…LEARN HOW TO read the nutrition fact labels!!!


4. Attire:
Just be comfortable, the only way you are going to impress it’s by the way you work out and get results. Stop worrying about your makeup or sexy shorts no one really cares…. Just be comfortable!!

P.S: I don’t know if this will help you but are definitely “must do’s” for me. Use chopstick (my lips get dry when I run), blow your nose before work out, I chew gum a couple minutes before I run and keep it in my mouth during the process (helps me keep my trough moist) and make sure your hair wont be a distraction.


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